BENEFITS   Better than a Spreadsheet

Many web offset printers have developed complicated spreadsheets to estimate their printing. While such a solution has clear advantages over calculating quotes by hand, it falls short of what a database application such as the Presstimator has to offer. Is your spreadsheet difficult to use and maintain? Do you have to cut corners because your spreadsheet can only handle simple calculations? Can you easily update prices in a single place? Are you maintaining correct Budgeted Hourly Rates based on your current overhead to establish your rates? Are your old quotes hard to find because they are buried in a confusing collection of folders and directories? What happens after you finish a quote? Do you have to start from scratch to prepare a letter to the customer and a job ticket? The Presstimator gives you the tools you need to take your estimating to the next step!

  • Sharing spreadsheets leads to outdated information
  • Can't guarantee someone won't accidently delete an important number or formula
  • Someone uses the spreadsheet incorrectly resulting in inaccurate results
  • Hard to share among multiple plants and users
  • Intellectual property in a spreadsheet can walk out your door


(e.g., Excel)
Automatic calculations
Quotes ready within minutes
Old quotes stored electronically
"Save As" to make changes, requote
Standards stored in central location
Easy to sort, locate, modify old quotes
Easily update old quotes with new prices
Easy to maintain and modify standards
Reports generated from quote
Logical design, Q/A format, tool tips
Easy for anyone to prepare quotes
Server-ready to allow multiple users
Auditor tracks down mistakes and oversights
Quote can include multiple stocks, presses, etc.
Include multiple page counts and quantities within a single Quote.
Incorporate multiple estimates into a single Quote to include Covers/Inserts.
Estimates materials used and time by department
Uses exact costs, rather than averages
Sophisticated calculations, configurations
Customer information easily imported into quotes
Efficiently store thousands of quotes
Incorporates Budgeted Hourly Rates to establish costing standards
Metric and/or English/US measurements
Interface directly with Data Collection to capture Actuals
Interface with accounting system (QuickBooks)
Interface with browser for users to enter jobs without having to learn spreadsheet details

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